Getting Started!

After more than a year of planning and research, we are officially launching the Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum!

While we are still in the planning stages, many of the pieces are falling into place rather quickly. Kurston and Alex are working on the logo, brochures, and business cards, and Nick has joined them on designing a fancy new website. Nick is also working with Miss Kim and Rachel to develop canvassing databases and paperwork for continued community outreach. Smitty is training the staff on history and traditions in the neighborhood, while Stephanie and Shylana are planning our first cultural event. Madi and Sara are busy conducting in-depth research for each exhibit, and Aaron and Becca are working on background research for a book about Katrina.

Neighbors Jeffrey, Tyrell, Yasmine, and Yari are making lots of great pictures to put on the office walls, and Tony, another neighbor, is fixing our roof. It’s truly a group effort!

Aside from the occasional 1:30 a.m. rooster wake-up calls and the pigeons who have roosted in the attic, all is going well.  This has been an amazing experience so far. 


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