Midpoint Reflection

It’s been a little over a month since I arrived in New Orleans and I am amazed at the amount of work our group has done. As Co-Coordinator of the Community Outreach crew, I help oversee the development of relationships between the Living Museum and residents of the Lower Ninth Ward. In only five weeks, we’ve knocked on over 500 doors and have met countless residents. We’ve been informing the folks in the neighborhood about our mission and getting feedback on the museum. With Ian’s help, Rachel and I have interviewed about 20 residents, recording incredible stories of what it was like growing up in the Lower Ninth Ward, people’s experiences with Hurricanes Betsy and Katrina, and what it’s like to live here now. Oftentimes people don’t see beyond the French Quarter when they come to experience New Orleans culture, and I have to say that this is a sad mistake: the Lower Ninth Ward’s rich cultural history is fascinating and one of a kind. I’m really looking forward to meeting more residents and hearing their stories. The last five weeks have been full of eye-opening and life changing experiences and I can’t wait for the next four.

Thanks, Nick “Media Intern”


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