The Living Museum has a guest!

Late last night we welcomed a new member to the Living Museum team! Tali Petschek, an extraordinary artist and former Oxy student, will be joining us until the 10th to begin planning the Katrina sculpture she is contributing to the Museum. This is her first time back to New Orleans since coming down to gut houses with Professor Heldman’s Disaster Politics class in 2007.

Tali describes herself as an artist interested in ideas of loss, transition and growth. If it were possible to find the space between the shadow and the floor, this is where her work exists. She earned her BFA from California College of the Arts and continues to live and work in Oakland.  Most recently she worked with San Francisco artist Michael Swaine building a fire pit and sun dial for Pie Ranch in Pescadero CA, as well as submitted works to The Memory Library, an online gallery of work curated by artist Brandon Jones.


Today we took her on her first tour of the Living Museum to begin planning for the installation  which she hopes will give a visceral experience of being in a room covered in mold and in the process of rebuilding. The installation will be in the museum side Kitchen, and will lead into the Katrina room. Her intention is to honor the strength that comes with facing loss.

We’re very lucky to have her here with us!

P.S. (After getting permission from his mother) Jeffrey would like the world to see the beautiful puzzle he has finished. It’s been an all-around productive day at the Living Museum!



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