If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve got 63,000 and counting!

For the last few months, staff member Stephanie “Dragon” Dragoon has been hard at work, contacting organizations from all over collecting photo permissions for the final museum exhibits. To date she’s received the go ahead to use 63 photographs relating to the Lower Ninth Ward, ranging in date from the early 1800s to the 21st century. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:

Original Big NineThe Living Museum staff would like to extend our gratitude to Maitri Erwin for granting us permission to use this amazing photo for the Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs exhibit. The Original Big Nine, founded in 1995 by members from the local Choctaw Mardi Gras Indian Tribe, has played a significant role in the Lower Ninth Ward’s colorful culture and strong community network.

steffa1This astounding image came from the State Library of Louisiana, which is graciously allowing us to use for the final exhibits! The picture, taken more than 70 years ago, features the Saint Claude Bridge (just a block away from the museum).

Thanks tSeals.1o the Xavier University Archives and Special Collections (New Orleans), we’re happy to include this photo of Mother Catherine Seals with her trombone, in the Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum. Mother Catherine is a captivating Lower Ninth Ward historical figure who founded the Church of Innocent Blood in 1922. The final exhibit will feature the many services she provided and other fun facts about her rich legacy in the neighborhood. (Fun Fact Sneak Peak: Renowned author Zora Neal Hurston found Mother Catherine Seals to be such an incredible woman that she wrote a riveting short story profiling her unique charisma and devoted congregation!)

The_swampThis photo is an incredible depiction of the Tupelo and Cypress swamp,  thick with cypress tress and thriving life before public/private profit driven ventures led to the total devastation of the wetlands. A big thanks to the LSU Libraries Special Collections for granting us permission to use this photo.

Thanks Stephanie for all of your hard work collecting permissions! And a special thanks to all of the individuals and organizations who have kindly granted us permission to use your photographs.